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Whether it's for a wedding entrance, reception or birthday party, mela, religious function or a corporate event, the dhol players and band baja team are forever ready to create a memorable experience for their clients.

From the traditional Gujarati and Punjabi beats to the more contemporary Western wonders, our Dhol Players & Band Baja team work together weeks in advance to execute a flawless performance.

We aim to leave our clients with magical memories with our talented team of musicians. 


Here at Symphony we have a passion for providing only the best. From top male and female vocalists, drummers, pad players, guitarists, flute players, banjo player, keyboard players as well as dhol, tabla and dholak players, Symphony Live Band will give an exceptional performance for any musical event.



Gallop in style with a beautifully decorated horse and carriage, leave guests enjoying the tranquil sounds of the sitar and tabla or liven up a party with our DJs. Whatever extras may be required for your event, we can provide!

If you have an interest in music & would like to learn the art of tabla from basics.

Get in touch with us!

Whether you are new or experienced, tabla lessons are here for you. Basic & Advanced Training.

Choosing the right team is just as important as your event. We will ensure your guests are left in awe with a musical experience to remember! 

Browse through our packages to see what we have to offer.

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