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Based on the Pakhawaj, the Tabla was invented in Northern India hundreds of years ago. Requiring plenty of patience and discipline, these complex set of drums produce diverse sounds that enchant the ears. Comprising of one small drum called the Dayan (treble) and a bigger one called the Bayan (bass), the instrument requires the player to use complex finger techniques to produce melodious notes which creates a unique composition. These compositions can be played in Bhajan, Qawalli, Ghazal and Kirtan.

From a young age, Anand was fascinated by the way the fingers hit the tabla skin's to produce beautiful sounds. To this day, he has carried forward this interest to such a level that he is able to share his knowledge with the community by the means of two tabla classes open to all; beginner's or advanced students. Initially, the students are taught the basic Kayda's and Palta's in order for them to learn the foundation of playing tabla. Stamina is needed for the students to gain power in their hands which in turn results in clarity in the notes. The capacity to relate to each and every one of his student's abilities, though through group lessons, ensures that each student learns something which applies to them and them only. Anand's down to earth approach results in his students looking forward to coming back each week and being part of an atmosphere which stimulates creativity coupled with musical education of an art that dates back hundreds of years.

Anand Bhalsod, accompannied by his students, for the very first time, made an offering to Sri Sathya Sai Baba on His 88th birthday which was celebrated at Ram Mandir, Leicester. It was a great opportunity for the students to show their potential and gain first hand experience of performing in front of a vast audience.

"Humility and expression go together and become art."




Class 1 Beginner's

6:15pm - 7:15pm

Class 2  Intermediate

7:15pm - 8:15pm


1AB Stafford Street 





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